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Ely has begun this page with a challenge using a list of 10 words. Please accept her challenge by adding your own poem using those 10 words.

October 15, 2017 elyburns

10 words

these words are taken from page 40 of “Never Let Me GO” by Kazuo Ishiguro and serve as a prompt to create either poetry or prose.
odd, could, person, full, door, narrowed, enough, ever, thing, walked

Odd enough
That a person
Could have walked away
From a life full to the brim.
But to have narrowed
Their mind and
Closed the door on love
Is a thing
I can never understand.
I will ever choose
The wind and rain
over days becalmed
in a stagnant pond
The pain of loss over never having loved

I would like it so much if some of you discovered what you would do with these words.


  1. Good challenge, Ely and a captivating poem too.

    It inspired me to write this one:

    Odd that a person
    could stumble full circle
    back to a door
    they hadn’t seen
    first time around

    The passage narrowed now
    but still wide enough
    to give us room
    to choose.

    Ever babes, we wobble
    Each bruise a learning thing
    until suddenly we discover
    instead of crawling
    we walk on steady feet
    with purpose sure.

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