Short form chain

Jantanleo has begun this chain with her haiku. You may reply with a haiku, a ‘maiku’ (‘my ku’…your own version of the haiku form, based on an understanding of the form)a tanka, or any short form that is 5 lines or less, but it should relate in some way to the post prior to yours, thus a chain is formed.

Jan’s Haiku follows:

October 15, 2017 jantanleo

Fog (Haiku)

a foggy morning
Sunday, oh, glorious day
morning glories know

To which Ptc replied:


The poet wakes to fog
Morning glory holds the sun
A circle of blue

Thanks for inspiration.

Please add your ‘ku or short form as a reply


  1. Ely,

    I can’t ‘like’ on this site with Firefox, but I can with I. E.

    Your ‘flute-clear notes’ makes a lovely sound in my head
    and your mention of time set my wheels to turning.


    fall interlude
    flute notes and falling leaves
    hanging in the air


    turning autumn leaves
    the end of the book
    draws near


  2. Deb, I’ve been watching the weather and thinking about you. sure hope you don’t get
    the brunt of the nor’easter.

    a single snowflake
    precipitates a new storm
    March, make up your mind

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    • Sarah The Nor’Easter is here right now. I can barely see across the street Heavy wet snow…Everything is wrapped in white. Very beautiful but very dangerous!!

      March is so fickle
      spring like days fooling us all
      Today heavy snow

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      • Deb,

        When I clicked ‘like’ for this one, it was for your ‘ku and not for the weather.

        I love the ku. It is snowing here too, but none is sticking at this point. It sure is coming down hard.

        I know you get horrible storms there. Please be careful and stay inside if your possibly can.

        Today heavy snow
        a winter time warp settles in
        with frigid intent


      • Sarah We had 12 inches of snow Two towns away it was 14…
        So thankful no trees came down and we have power.


  3. Deb,

    I love to see the goldfinches flash through the air.
    They dart so quickly, like sunrays on wing.

    There is a bird here that looks like them but is black capped
    with a red body. I thought it was a bullfinch but I read that
    bullfinches don’t live in North America, so I have no idea
    what it is.

    I love how these chains delight the eye, the ear and mind.
    So glad you are here!



    • Thanks Sarah for your kind words
      To be sure I will be writing and posting
      You will have to tell me about setting up a blog
      My mind is having trouble now trying to figure it out and how to post a poem
      Miss the way the old board was..
      Thanks for your prayers and kind thoughts all the Pubsters
      Happy Blessed Easter
      love Deb


  4. Hi one of the poetry challenges was last letters first A fun challenge

    the birds are singing
    goldfinches sunny and bright
    the males with their black caps

    Your next write would have the last letters of these three lines
    be the first letters of each line i.e example

    Grey mocking birds amaze me
    They do mock and sing
    Sound like a jay, sweet robin


  5. Deb,

    You do not have to set up a blog to post.

    All you do is click on “My sites” at the top left of any page
    then across from “blog posts” click on Add. After that
    you post just like on the old site. Make sure you type the title
    in the title box, and then put the cursor the text area, and either
    type the poem in or copy and paste it. Give it a try…If you have
    trouble, let me know and I’ll send some step by step directions.

    Looking forward to Deb poems!!



  6. Whoops! I goofed; my second line should have begun with “newly born” to keep the theme of last letters first. Sorry about that.


  7. Hi Michael,

    So glad you are here..Have just found your response, and it reminds me that it was you
    who introduced last letter first at the original Pub. Thank you!!

    gold finch
    thrush and robin
    united in song

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  8. Finally remembered to come back in here and see if anyone had replied.

    Haloed rainbow’s arc
    newly peeking through last drops
    glorious rain gift


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