Short form chain

Jantanleo has begun this chain with her haiku. You may reply with a haiku, a ‘maiku’ (‘my ku’…your own version of the haiku form, based on an understanding of the form)a tanka, or any short form that is 5 lines or less, but it should relate in some way to the post prior to yours, thus a chain is formed.

Jan’s Haiku follows:

October 15, 2017 jantanleo

Fog (Haiku)

a foggy morning
Sunday, oh, glorious day
morning glories know

To which Ptc replied:


The poet wakes to fog
Morning glory holds the sun
A circle of blue

Thanks for inspiration.

Please add your ‘ku or short form as a reply


  1. Ely,

    I can’t ‘like’ on this site with Firefox, but I can with I. E.

    Your ‘flute-clear notes’ makes a lovely sound in my head
    and your mention of time set my wheels to turning.


    fall interlude
    flute notes and falling leaves
    hanging in the air


    turning autumn leaves
    the end of the book
    draws near


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