Please share your milestones, literary or otherwise,  as replies.

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A milestone for The Peaceful Pub and for Ptc, who just posted the first ever slide show on The Peaceful Pub.

It is a joy to behold. Thank you Ptc for the joyful experience of your photography, your haven, and for blazing new trails here at The Pub.


Dr. J.K. Luthra, better known as JK or Dollygindi by fellow Pubsters was awarded in Weirton tonight for his great service to the community, particularly in the field of the Arts.

“This banquet is just to show our appreciation for all they have done for our city,” Linda Krynicki, Weirton Hall of Fame Chairwoman, said.
This year’s honorees were Dr. Juginder Luthra for the Music and Fine Arts category, Norman Ferrari, who was represented by his wife, Helen Ferrari, for the Public Service category, Mark Apesos for Public Service, and Marvin Levendorf for the Philanthropy category.”

(quoted from WTOV-9 TV news.)


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