1. ATTN: ALL

    The first message is the impetus for this forum. While committing a demolition derby on the interactive forums at our old site, I started reading in the Candle Thread. It holds so much history that I decided to copy it. It has over 800 posts so it was much too lengthy to add here, but I wanted to let Pubsters know that I will gladly email a PDF of the whole thread to any Pubster who wants it. There will be 10 separate pdfs because the files are large and my computer was choking when they got too big, so I just made them into a series of pdfs (numbered for sequence). Allow ten days after your request…it will probably be sooner than that, but just in case life gets too busy, I’ll give myself that extra leeway. For those of you whose email addy I have, just put your request as a reply to this thread. For those whose address I do not have, please send your request to admin@wordflair.net

    In addition, I’ll mention that anyone who wishes to leave a message here is welcome to do so. Just add it as a reply. It is fine to designate your message to a specific individual, but keep in mind this page is public.

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  2. ATTN: Pubsters

    If anybody is in contact with a Pub member who is not aware of this site, please let them know ot it.
    If they wish an invite to be an author, all I need is their email addy. There are so many whose email
    addresses I don’t have and thus could not notify them.

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    • Sarah
      My Donald passed Monday April 23….I have not
      been active here because these last few weeks
      have been sad and joyous at the same time..

      Thank you Sarah and Pubsters see you again
      Love Deb


      • Dear Deb,

        I am so sorry for your loss.
        Our prayers are with Donald; may he rest in peace.

        Our prayers are with you, too, Dear Friend.

        …will send you an email.



  3. Ely

    Hugs to you. I am so glad you are here.

    In the menu that shows just under the banner, the last item is “Contact”.
    If you will send me a message using that, and include your email address
    I will have wordpress send the invite. I will include my email in the message
    so you can contact me with any questions. The only way to activate you as
    an author of the blog (which is what we want to do) is through the invite.

    Dee will be with us here in a couple of weeks. She’s been having eye problems.



    • Ely,

      Did you receive the invite? If not, please check your spam folder.
      In the event you don’t receive it, let me know and I’ll send another.



  4. Sarah, I would like to change my avatar. I have attempted to do that, but Gravatar won’t allow it. Can you help? Thanks. I love that old chestnut oak, but it is too dark..


    • Sarah, I think it may be working. The tree is gone, and I saw a note in Gravatar that said it may take an hour. I will check it out later. Thanks.


      • Ptc,

        Please forgive my late reply. Yesterday was one of the days for me.
        I was so far behind I thought I was ahead. I note in the community
        pictures, your new avatar is in place. Kudos.

        Hopefully there will not be a lot of days like yesterday.



      • We all have them. Makes one grateful for days like today: reading a little Robert Pinsky on sounds in poetry; eating a new-to-me fruit called Aprium, a mix of plum and apricot; and making bread from Einkorn flour from wheat that has never been hybridized. ptc

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  5. Oh my goodness, even your comments catch my heart’s eye.

    I’m having a homemade smoothie, nothing but fresh peaches
    and crushed ice put into a single serving blender for 90 seconds.
    I haven’t heard of Aprium, but I bet it would be delicious in a smoothie!

    Have a beautiful day!

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  6. I wonder if anyone checks in here any longer? Well I’ll find out.

    As I state in the information about me which appears under each post, I am a quadriplegic. I am grateful to God that I still have my eyes, my ears, my brain, and my voice. I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software to control my computer. It works very well, but occasionally slips in the wrong word and I sometimes don’t catch them all. So if you see a post with a word which seems out of place – it probably is.

    I have mentioned elsewhere that I had cataract surgery on my eyes. They have healed nicely and my vision is much sharper, though still a little blurry from astigmatism. Today, however, I got a new pair of glasses for working on my computer. This takes much of the astigmatism blur out of my close-up vision. Maybe it will aid me in catching more of Dragon’ s little jokers!


  7. Maryse,

    Dear friend! I just found this. Thank you!
    You have a good memory!!

    I hope you start writing again. It is good for the soul.
    Are you quarantined?



  8. Hi, Merv,

    I distinctly remember replying to this and yet I can find no reply. Please
    accept my apology. And know for sure that it is always a joy to hear from
    you. Looking forward to more Bush Poetry. Tell Chris I say “hi’ and stay



  9. Hi Sarah,

    Now reading your reply. Yes we are under ‘stay at home’ orders… we can go out for supplies and meds. From March 26-May 01 I never went beyond my mailbox. On May 01 I ventured out with my nephew and then again last week to get a new cell phone. We have been told to wear masks when we go out.

    How about you. Hope you and all our group are safe and well.

    All best,



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