Bon Mots II

I’m wondering where are our
outraged Senators
and where’s the
concerned throng
Craig R. Kirchner

“The bloom in life is worth the few thorns along the way.” Kerri Rochelle

A rainbow is draped across the roof of the sky. Willowdown

the soul doesn’t abandon us; we wander from the purity of simple vision Rich Roach

although the roadmaps are plentiful reliable signposts are scarce… Willowdown

As children look up, we must always kneel down. They are the eyes and ears and the knowledge of the future, not to mention our pension providers. Douglas (bongler)

Poets sing the songs of rivers and they sing the songs of stones; Willowdown

“living in the gratitude that is “happiness doubled by wonder” Brian (meadowglenfarm)

“Okra was not intended to be eaten, it is just a practical joke that got outta hand.” zJared

… there is a pulse within Winter, a sense of flight and imaginative sensation. Gwendrina

In the hour of absent Emperors even a common purveyor of mushrooms may be mistaken for one of the Primordial Ones. Willowdown

free flight of fancy, it’s the only way to travel bongler (Douglas)

In stillness we find our brightest reflections of great light. Jantanleo

Of all the creature’s that He’s blessed I think He likes His songbirds best: Willowdown

“In winter, … every branch is a bare hand Reaching out to a limitless sky” Brian Lowry

The soul bares itself like the landscape and seeks more of the light, exhales its fear and remembers the vulnerability of being human. Gwendrina

“man-made does not stand a chance at outdoing God-made”   trinimade

“The art of living, finding wildflowers while we wait.”  smzang

The night allows us to dream of the possibilities of tomorrow. Trinimade

 Even infinity can be claustrophobic at times! Willowdown

“Before the night is done I will travel far on faith alone.” smzang

“We are too small to see the vastness of things.” Willowdown

The water is the ultimate place… free of the weight of land, clear of the sullied wind …and nearer to God than any place imaginable. (The dolphins figured this out eons ago… that’s why they returned!)   Gene Dixon

“Where there is peace, there is a chance to find more” Jantanleo

He never knew he was influential, humble men never do. Dee 827

The clock was a mere invention of man, but dust, it is the true timekeeper
Sam Klingensmith

even with broken wings –
oh, how the wounded one sings. Jantanleo

With new moons on an old rock Mark Steven Scheffer

a crane shares her name
but she retains her own
aquatic bloom.
Wendy Howe

In the desert,
The sun rules the day
and the day is long


Forward motion is not
necessarily progress
and a step
doesn’t mean defeat.

we mix fruit with spirits,
fatigue with a soft twist
of candlelight,
and jazz with a dream
of stealing back our youth
Wendy Howe

what I sowed in anger
I reaped in kind
but seeds I sowed in sorrow
sprouted in forgiveness
in time.

throw me
to that incredible crescent moon.

The poet finds a bowl upon a table.
He sees it empty past the bulging fruit;
He comes to it as mendicant.
Mark Steven Scheffer

Poetry  is breath, expression borne out of passion and contemplation.
Wendy Howe

What is poetry?
My style defines it for me.
Craig R. Kirchner

I am an incurable, card carrying romantic who keeps bits and pieces of past pleasant times and places in jars, boxes, and envelopes…  Simply Maire

My grandmother’s apron
The front floured with flowers
That went well with hugs
Simply Maire

Throw away your mascara,
mousse and underwear.
Wear these lines for a week,
Craig R. Kirchner

I’d walk a mile
for a smile.

“Options, to celebrate or grieve.
Tomorrow I will buy a puple hat!
I always thought that
I would be the first to leave.”

She never stays long in one place
She’s found no space
where she can leave all her tears.

I seem to forget everything after the fifth Guinness!

Life is a journey. The question is, to where? Poetry is, among other things, and for some, an attempt to mediate between the beginning and the end.
Mark Steven Scheffer

I  must say (unhumbly) that it proves what I discerned when I decided to stay here: this is individually and collectively the most intelligent and poetically sensitive as well as creative family i’ve ever encountered.  Mattachak

Speaking for myself the pain does not vanish or even get smaller. I have learned that it is up to me to transmute it into joy. Mattachak

i remember catching a frog
July 3rd, l939
just before the fireflies
sang joy to the world

Profundity resides in simplicity.

The above quotes, along with those on Bon Mots 1, were brought forward from
The Peaceful Pub interactive forums.  The ones from this point forward will be
gleaned from the wisdoms of the authors on the pages of this blog. We are asking
all who  read the work at The Peaceful Pub blog to keep a vigilant eye for quotable quotes in the content and to post  them as a reply on this page.  Please include the
title of the piece they are from and  the name of the author you’re quoting.






  1. “Earth holds her treasures with a loving hand
    that opens but to Heaven’s own command.” -SMZ

    SMZang’s A Flower Blooms


  2. Wendy Howe in a reply:

    “we routinely , each day, observe the details that comprise the rhythms and scenery of changing seasons and circumstances in life but it takes one sound to awaken our entire sensory awareness”


  3. Rebecca Munday in “It seems like only yesterday”

    “So I turned, but just a little too late;
    He was gone, leaving an imprint that
    will remain as indelible as his winter”


  4. Gwendrina in “Premiere”

    ” A hum

    of kind wind

    kidnapping her ears.”

    “Spring listens in her shawl

    woven of dandelion ash”

    “what’s left of its loosened weave

    mingles leaf and sap stain , feather wisp & thistle hair

    insect wing & shell.”


  5. Bush Bard in “Reminiscing With Henry.”

    “The gold has long but disappeared, though grape vines grow here still;
    red wine is known around the world; I know, I’ve had my fill.”


  6. Bongler in New for Old

    “It is like the unfolding of a flower,
    only briefly gifted, but as the child,
    so beautiful in its simplicity;
    knowing it only has to be,”


  7. Marion Appenzeller in her poem “Lilac Time” posted by her daughter Wendy Howe

    “when spring opens

    her parasol of lilacs

    over the lawn,

    I think of you”


  8. bongler (Douglas)

    “As for the great fossil fuel burn; it will end soon enough as the tipping point is long past. Just think, what powers our world today was tens of millions of years in the making, but has been hardly more than a hundred years in the wasting. What fools we are.”


  9. bongler (Douglas)

    “Problem is, our span on this planet is relatively short, which means the snouts in the trough just don’t give a damn about tomorrow as they will never have to face the consequences.”


  10. Jantanleo in “Believe”

    So much enjoyed this lovely faith-filled poem.

    “Like a critter holding on,
    I stay near comforters—
    what’s bright,
    refreshing rains,
    returning light.”


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