A Breath in Time

sometimes a quiet pausing
stillness in the rush of days
moments of reflection
a whispering of breezes
thoughts relaxed to the past
old trees and a young boy
a world that seemed forever
inquiring call of a quail
suppertime call of mom

9 replies on “A Breath in Time”

beautiful poem, Michael.
I am sad to find out the Pub is closing.
Our whole circle will be falling apart.
If you and others find a new hide out, please let me know. You can contact me through my blog. Stay healthy,

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Thank you Francina. I read on Sarah’s blog, and understand why she is shutting down and her concerns with the new editor. It does leave me at loose ends, however, and I have not yet decided what to do.

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You’re welcome, Michael. I do understand Sarah’s concerns as well and why she decided to close the blog. It’s just the thought we are loosing something unique as the pub which makes me feel sad. Keep in touch and stay healthy.

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Hi Michael

Beautiful poem — love the “inquiring call of the quail”. It’s amazing how a bird’s song or call can invite us into a world of reflection or expansion of a past or present experience. Serene and contemplative, I enjoyed this!

Thank you,

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Thank you Wendy. This was written some years back for a challenge to create a poem using only phrases (incomplete sentences).


Thank you Steve. Unfortunately, I don’t expect Sarah to change her mind. The fact that the Pub is still here probably means WordPress has not followed her request to remove it.


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