The Inn Of Verse


The doors bolted

lanterns dark.


A man

bundled with reeds

on his back

looks elsewhere

to stoke his thoughts.


A woman

with her shawl

and bag of wool

turns elsewhere

to weave her tale.


The twilight stark

as seagulls strike

the air with their shriek –


their flint tongues



for what has gone, the shape

of it splintering

into ruin.


And still

old wood, broken slate

cast a spell


calling down

the whirling leaves


circling words,

the breath of the moon.


Seven years, I wrote this poem, inspired by thoughts and images of how we write and where we gather, on a literary blog called “Myth and Moor”. It talked about travelling poets and old world storytellers who once gathered at pubs, farmhouses and meeting places to express their art, their oral and written craft.  One idea ,in particular,  described an Irish pub that had been the center of poems, songs and stories closing down due to political tensions in the country ( 19th century) and how its legacy would still remain. The spirit of place and time always lingers.  The building transcends wood and nails, it haunts the mind and the heart. Even in its lingering ruin, there is the magic of words and the ghost of gatherers who gave that place its pulse, who stoked its fire with art. 

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With just a touch of imagination, one could read that title as “The Universe”. Also the man with the bundle of sticks calls to mind the man on the cover of the one Led Zeppelin album. Those more whimsical thoughts aside, this is a very evocative piece.

Now that our Pub is closing, what are your plans? If this really is the end of The Peaceful Pub, I guess I am going to try to start my own blog, as daunting a prospect as that is.


Hi Michael

Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I really appreciate it. Well , as for plans, I have a list of poems that need to be re-edited and another list waiting to go out for publication. Each process requires alot of focus and time. So that will probably keep me busy on the writing level — as for the rest, there is life that has its own demands.

I kept a personal blog up until 2016 and then abandoned it because all these magazines stress in their submission guidelines that blogs are considered forms of legit publication in their view. I do not personally agree but that is the process. However, I will say while I did blog, posting my poems each week, it was challenging and rewarding. With blog sites like
“blogspot” or “typepad”, it’s not really that hard to set up a blog as far as structure and organization is concerned. There are standard frameworks and patterns you can choose from to create something quite interesting and attractive. But again, the daunting effort is in choosing which poems go on it, the presentation and simply writing new ones to keep up. Good luck with this endeavor! I wish you all the best and much luck in pursuing it.

My best


Just one more thought or two, Michael,

I don’t know if you would be interested in pursuing publication of your work, but I feel you have brought interesting and engaging poetry to this site. You have also, in some pieces, shared with us the unique experience of being a quadraplegiac and both moved us and enlightened us. There is a beautiful and high quality magazine called ” Wordgatheriing Press”. It is dedicated to featuring poetry and art about and by people with challenging conditions.

In 2013, I was published in an anthology of poems highlighting dementia , everything from dealing with family members to the progression of the disease, itself. My mother suffered from Alzheimer’s in her early 80’s and passed in 2016. An editor from Word-gathering press happened to read that book along with my poem. He asked if I had any other poems on people with these challenging conditions and if I did, to please submit. I submitted three and one included a poem about a friend mine whose daughter was autistic. They published my poem called “Rapunzel’s Daughter” where I use the fairytale as a metaphoric way of dealing with a child locked away in silence and dark isolation. I qualified because they allow both writers , who themselves are challenged, as well as writers who are connected to people who are challenged. Besides poems, they also publish essays, art, and prose.

Here is the main link –

And here is a link to my poem from June, 2014

Anyway, I wish you much luck in being continually inspired with your poems and starting a blog if that is what you intend to do.

Take care

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