art poetry


One little vertical line there
on my monitor screen,
so simple it is in function
yet so much can it mean.

When I am writing it will show
me how far I have got;
but when I am struggling it shows
me how far I have not.

It leads the way in periods
of great inspiration,
and teases me to catch up when
I’m in great frustration.

No matter what I think of it
I cannot turn it off,
and when I draw a total blank
I almost hear it scoff;

“You are blaming me for your pain
the focus of your ire
when I am only a guidepost
to lead you from your mire.

The only thing I ever do
is stand upon the page
to show where your typed words appear
whether in bliss or rage.

That is it, that is all I am,
you cannot make me more.”
At those last words I come awake;
it still blinks as before.

Whether dream or real it is right
the blame or credit mine
and up to me to make the words
appear upon the line.

5 replies on “Blinker”

Hi Michael

Love the whimsy and voice in this piece! What a clever way to portray or define that “blinking line” on our screen. So many times, I have as a writer been staring at that blinking thing wondering when the next thought or words would come to even begin a poem. But as you say, it is not he fault of the line, only the writer’s who cannot get past his or her own sense of “writing block”. This is so true and delightful in its wording!

Much enjoyed!

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I enjoyed this piece, and especially the thought-provoking last stanza: extrapolating a little, that we are responsible for our dreams, even though they may come unbidden.

Since it is everywhere, I have noticed that Pub is closing its doors. Perhaps a phoenix or two will arise from the ashes.

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Thank you Steve. I like your take on the last stanza.

I know Sarah, the owner here, does not like the new editor. Other than that, I have no information on why she is shutting it down or if she has any plans beyond that. I will say I have enjoyed posting here.

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