Ah, Youth

A family trip in a year gone by,
driving to Florida with a young child,
four years old, headed for five.
A stop en route, along the Gulf of Mexico,
some time to rest and stretch,
and see the sea for the first time.
An empty stretch of sandy shore,
the mother, father, and child,
and a sunny day to warm them.
Light waves stroke the beach.
A wave runs out.
The child runs out.
A wave runs in.
Father, get the suitcase.

– – – – – – – –

The tale is true, the child is me.

6 replies on “Ah, Youth”

Hi Michael

What a lovely memory and scene you capture hear. I can feel the ocean waves coming in and going out —
along with the curious joy of a child. And yes, something that wonderful would make the family think twice about going on. What a spot to stop and vacation for a few more days.

So nicely done!

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Thank you Wendy. Father had to get the suitcase because I got knocked over when the wave came back and I needed a change of clothing.


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