Avian Conversation

Two robins perched in an old oak;
one born last year, one much older.

“Is it like this every spring?
Is the air always fresh and clean
at the beginning of each year?”

“No young one, I have never seen
anything like this in my days.
This is something very new to me.
Let us enjoy it while it lasts.”

6 replies on “Avian Conversation”

Thank you Francina. This started as a comment to Wendy’s latest poem. It struck me that returning migratory animals would be confused by the changes.

It’s too bad we can’t keep the good changes as we ramp up production again.


Thank you. It is amazing to contemplate how quickly the air cleared in the absence of a continuous influx of pollutants.


Hi Michael

Really enjoyed this! It is written with the style of a fable but speaks volumes of truth. Something strange is happening to the earth, wild life is returning from years of being gone and there is a sense of beauty here to
bless us temporarily. The air is cleaner and life is slower but it is maybe also a warning .

Thanks for sharing this delightful poem!
My best,

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Thank you Wendy. You may have noticed in my reply to Francina that this came from my comment on your “En Plein Air”. It is heartening to know that the atmosphere can rebound so well from all we’ve done to it, but all it will take for it to slide back is for things to go back to what they were.


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