Among friends and strangers,

across the candle-lit table,

between fancy courses and ad-lib

she would steal a slight-smile stare,


speak of Egypt and China,

in no uncertain terms,

of social mores, decadence,

moralities old and new.


Alone, as the space

matured between us,

her eyes caressed like lips,

she rose, explaining that


a bit of honey dew

would prolong the moment,

sweeten the scent and wet the touch

to be mingled with mine forever.





4 replies on “ Tryst”

Tryst is one of my fav English words 🙂 thanks for writing this, been quite some time since I found people using the word in any literature or work. Also, lovely piece as always! Hi from a new reader. 🙂


adnabilah – thanks for reading and commenting. it is a cool word and it is cool that you have favorites.


Hi Craig

A perfect title and a lovely poem with finely crafted details that create ambience and engage the reader in its
nuance and subtle intrigue.

So nicely done!


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