1. I’m not guilty, Sarah. That image is dead-on 500 x 500 pixels. I set it to 500 wide and then added white space top and bottom to 500 pixels. You will have to look somewhere else for your problem.

    I am guessing it is the fact that MSS’ new post’s title takes up two lines which is the culprit. The sizing of our title page works neatly with a 500 x 500 image paired with a one line title. I have seen this happen before, and even took the “story” note off a couple of my titles in the past because it caused the same issue.


    • I did some checking, looking at the images on the page where we can upload and set images. When I right clicked on my image and clicked on “inspect element” I got a shock: the HTML for the element said it was resized to 900 x 900. I downloaded it back to my computer, and that indeed was the case. However, I then checked about a dozen other images and found that to be the case for all of them, including others I had uploaded – which I had also resized to 500 x 500 before uploading..


  2. So we can’t have a title that’s more than a line? If my title’s the problem, I’ll change it. No problem. Shoot . . . I’ll just change it anyway.

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    • Mark,

      It is not you, It is MIchael. If you look at the picture I posted you will see the one picture that is off size. That throws the whole page off. BTW BFB is going to be in hospital another 4 or 5 days. You have been doing great.


  3. Sarah, I will send you the image so that you can load it in Paint and see the white space at the top and at the bottom. I did not put a border around it, but it is there all the same.

    There’s one more thing which will show what I am saying. Click on my userid in the sidebar to get a listing of my posts only. For me, it lined up correctly. Then click on MSS; for me, there was a gap under Buffalo Bill.


    • MIchael,

      I don’t usually engage in discussions about policy. I will do it now because I believe you do not understand the issue. If you will go back and reread the directive on sizing, you will see that it clearly states when your picture does not align with the other pictures on the page, resize it.

      i.e. no Matter what device is used for posting, it is no more than comm on courtesy to take a look to see what effect your post has on the overall design. Let’s aasume you don’t use Internet Explorer. I took the time and trouble to post a screen shot that clearly shows it is your picture that has skewed the design. Instead of taking steps to correct the issue, you want to argue. Just fix it or take it down.


  4. I apologize for appearances Sarah, but I am not trying to be difficult. I have taken down the image, and have replaced it with another. The sole difference is that I went into Paint and used a black fill on the white space that I had added previously. The image is the same except for that.

    I do not know if there is some way to put a border around an image in Paint. I haven’t seen anywhere to apply one. I realize that without it the white space did not appear to be there.

    When you see the image I sent to your email, I hope you will understand that I was not simply being argumentative.

    With respect, Michael.

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