Shades of Light

The fading sunrise tinged the sky with rose hues and
birdsong greeted him as he stood on the front porch,
smiling at the warmth of the sunlight on his face.
Every leaf, every flower shone; every object was
so keenly focused he might cut his eyes at a glance.
He stepped off the porch into wonder, never to return.

State troopers found him standing in a local park,
in the cold rain that had been falling since midnight.
An address tag on his keys, only thing in his pockets,
brought us a call from the hospital to come.

Neurons crossfired, nothing could have been done;
damage was severe in the cognitive centers.
He will never be the same; sorry for your pain.
No comfort in the words from well-intentioned doctors.

One of the troopers approached, removing his hat.
“When we found him, he was alone; but he had his arms
outstretched, gesturing and talking as though deep
in conversation with someone we just couldn’t see.
I’ll never forget his smile, and the way he described
the sunshine, I had to look up, despite the rain.”


      • I know. It just reminded me of my father in his hospital bed thinking he was at the building supply store picking up things for his next project. So, sad and relatable for me. But well written.

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  1. That must’ve been hard. The only comfort, if any, would have been that he did not know what had happened to him. For me, the ultimate horror would be if I was unable to speak and communicate. Knowing what was wrong and being trapped inside my head.

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  2. Hi Michael

    You create the contrasts beautifully with grace and reverence. I can truly picture this man in his own world, disconnected from reality but still finding some kind of peace in his own. This happens to some people who are aged and suffer from dementia or other similar conditions. It is so sad but your poem touches deeply and is told with a special lyricism that adds to the poignancy of the poem in a good and effective way!

    Thank you for sharing,
    my best,

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