Jailed by Moonlight

The moon on the horizon casts its shadows long,
streaking the ground with images of prison bars.
Somewhere, a wolf is howling its worshipful song,
emboldened by the absence of disturbing cars.

The shadows stretch toward me at my window view,
painting dark vertical stripes upon my white clothes.
Bemused, I half-expect to see a number, too,
completing the metaphor the moon shadow shows.

Lately, it’s too easy to feel a prisoner
staying sheltered in place for social distancing.
Do I need to come begging a petitioner
for the simple act of gathered socializing?

For now please tell guardian moon I will abide
however much I hate staying cooped up inside.


  1. Michael,

    That wily moon has a way of pulling us toward itself.
    It has little respect for social distancing. It does give
    us great poems though and a multitude of dreams.
    I enjoyed your poem.


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    • Thank you Sarah. I couldn’t possibly explain how I got from one subject to the other, but I started out with this quote from “Knights In White Satin” by The Moody Blues, the narration at the end:
      Cold hearted orb
      That rules the night
      Removes the colours
      From our sight
      Red is gray and
      Yellow white
      But we decide
      Which is right
      Which is an Illusion

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      • Hi Michael

        What a great title! I like the way you develop the character of the moon and work it into the theme of confinement/social distancing. You do it so well with clever language and wit. I enjoyed this piece and can definitely relate. Indeed, this is a delightful poem to read and contemplate!

        Thanks for sharing,
        my best

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  2. Thank you Wendy. It seems a lot of people are feeling imprisoned by the need for social distancing. I feel it’s better to do with it in verse than with protest marching.


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