Thankfulness, A Ritual



I breach the stairs

with a tender knee


for the railing

and soft carpet.


I approach the lizard

in her tank


for the  sylph

who stretches out

across a vine leaf

and becomes

my touchstone

for  patience and stealth.

And then

I fill her bowl

with water


for  rain  that fell

filling the lake

beneath the desert,

for its rippling force

that connects us

to the earth,

that rinses the rocks

as they retain

echoes of those

who passed beneath

and walked above

calling to  stars

and  The Old Woman Mountains

to guard

the green

of cattails and willow,

cactus and pine, humming bird

and praying mantis — the roots

of  humility

that have kept

our soul intact. Alive.


  1. Hi Sarah

    So glad you could relate and please know your thoughts and encouragement are so deeply valued. Please take care and stay safe!

    Hi Michael.

    Thank you so much for the lovely comment regarding my poem!! I am glad you could relate to its sense of “peace and reverence”. I was hoping that would be conveyed.

    My best to you both
    lots of gratitude,


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