1. Mark,

    Your pen was on fire when you wrote this one…On fire with a glorious flame
    of poetry and message that meld as a team to make both soul and mind richer.
    I remember you won an award for this one, a well deserved one. If ever you
    have time, take a picture of it and email it to me . I will post it with this poem.

    Thank you for sharing your work , both earlier and current.



  2. Hi Mark

    This is indeed an “award -wining poem” with its depiction of William Tynesdale suffered as a reformist and a person who dared to challenge the system and its religious hierarchy. I am engaged from the first lines to the last. This is so beautifully constructed in language, imagery and sound. The echoing refrain only adds to the atmosphere and the compelling story of this man/saint. Thank you for sharing, certainly a pleasure to read and. listen to!!

    My best,


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