The Oceanid


She is on the beach

distanced from the bridge and wharf,

singing to the seagulls

and the sand marshes, saying farewell


to the moon half swollen

like a girl’s womb

carrying the grief of  lockdown.


She is on the beach

with  dune roses in her hair

and her voice stretched

to an aria’s height,  releasing


the bane from her lungs, believing

salt air cleans the soul.


She is on the beach

singing in the moment, shadowing a row

of  steel barricades, the wild grass

inching outward


and her mask made

from a bra with slender  straps

has fallen to the tide. Its cup


floating among kelp leaves

and sea glass — as if to scoop

the origins of her birth.


She is on the beach

knowing the waters will rise

and swallow the shore line,


knowing she’ll swim beneath

returning to  the sea fossils

that have foretold of this,


knowing her breasts

will turn natural, the silicone dissolved


and her body will grow back

(in silver) what it needs to survive.


  1. HI Wendy,

    Your pen does shape shifting so beautifully.
    ” believing
    salt air cleans the soul.”

    Yes… it does!

    As you can see I made this private.
    The reason being because the picture needs to be
    sized. If you look at the front page, you will note it
    is out of alignment with the other pictures. When it is
    private, only those who have poem posting privileges
    can see it. That way it doesn’t disrupt the design that
    the general public sees and our poets can still enjoy the poetry.

    once you size it so it is aligned with the other pictures
    on the page, you can make it public by clicking on status
    and then ‘public’.

    Stay well!!



  2. Hi Sarah

    The first picture is almost impossible to size to the suggested specifications, 500 x 500 , or even close.. I have tried several times in paint using the pixel and even percentage feature. I think it is mostly a horizontal picture and is not meant to be sized to that extent. Therefore, I have chosen another picture and sized to 495
    x 501 which is the closest I can get to the 500 x 500. See what you think and let me know. I unfortunately do not know where the status/private button or click area is indicated. Please help me out here.

    My best,


  3. I think it is wonderful, Wendy, the poem, the picture,
    and your efforts to make this village of poets the
    best it can be. Thank you!!

    I took the liberty of changing the status back to public.

    As ever,


  4. Hi Sarah

    Thanks so much for changing the status, I still am trying to learn how to do that. Anyway, I am so glad you like the poem and the picture!! .Your support and encouragement toward my work are , as always, so deeply, deeply appreciated!!

    Take care and stay safe,
    Thanks so much,!!Wendy


  5. Hi Craig

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting on this poem!! I certainly appreciate it a lot! Right now, I am a retired English teacher who just enjoys writing poetry.

    My best,


  6. The she in this poem feels almost like someone beyond human, a creature of sea and surf.

    When I am resizing an image in Microsoft Paint, I usually set the smaller dimension to 500 pixels using Resize, and been crop the other dimension down to 500 using Rotate to flip the picture as needed to reduce the top or left. If I have a photograph which simply will not resize easily, I will put it in the post, and use another image in the “featured image” position to appear in the listing. That lets me satisfy the sizing issue and still use the problem image.


  7. Hi Michael,

    You are exactly right — she is originally a sea creature, somewhere between a sea nymph and mermaid who turned mortal/human for awhile. The mythic image or character is used to suggest how part of ourselves transcends our locked down/earthbound presence and heads back toward the water, the source of life and renewal, how we sing out /breathe out the dark shadow of despair/hopelessness that pervades our bodies/ and souls along with the virus. It is also about living in the moment and celebrating her last moments on earth before something bigger happens as forecasted by the climate change reports. Anyway, thanks so much for reading and commenting. I deeply appreciate it!

    And what great tips you have shared about sizing! Thanks so much, I really appreciate the knowledge/advice.

    My best


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