Hearsay Evidence

Birdsong is greeting the new day,
a windblown branch taps my window,
through the roof I hear squirrels play,
there’s the hum of the AC’s blow;
all say before I leave my bed
it’s a warm, sunny day ahead.


  1. Sweet sweet sounds, I had to read it aloud. Today for me in Sydney, some rain and cooler. The lorikeets in the camellia were loud enough to interrupt my phone conversation (the rain seems to set them off), but I have no complaints. They are part of the small touch of nature in my yard that brings me comfort.

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      • True. I stayed at a place in Brazil once where it was very hot and tropical, without fans or anything else. At night, I knew it was starting to rain when I got wet, because I left the window at the bed open. It felt good. (Closed it before the downpour though.)

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  2. Hi Michael,

    A very clever title and upbeat poem. I like how you include the “windblown branch tapping at your window” as it it is beckoning you to take part of this joyous morning and the playful presence of the squirrels.

    Thank you for sharing,
    really enjoyed this!

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    • Thank you Wendy. Squirrels are fun to watch, even though they can be destructive if they want to be somewhere they’re not supposed to be.


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