concrete canyons hushed
metal predators vanished
atmosphere clearing
night stars visible again
cautious wildlife ventures forth

7 replies on “Peaceful”

Thank you Sarah. This was prompted by the news reports I’ve been seeing where wild animals have been turning out in areas deserted by humans during coronavirus precautions, and by reports of the air clearing over major cities because of the reduced traffic.

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Hi Michael

Lovely poem and picture! I read articles about the earth becoming wilder and cleaner where the animals are ocuppying human spaces. You capture that idea with lovely thoughts in this poem. I enjoyed reading it!

thanks for sharing,
]My best

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Thank you Wendy. read a poem where the narrator spoke of creeping among unfamiliar shapes, and speculated that animals fell entering places abandoned by humans. That led to this poem.


Thank you. At least it seems nature can be grateful for the respite.

I read your profile, and you have been away quite a while. It seems all of the poetry boards that were going back then have all shut down. I don’t know why, but I do remember you. From the dim recesses of my memory, I am thinking your name is Brian. You’ll have to let me know whether that’s right.

Are you posting anywhere presently? If not, use the contact at the top to request permission to post here. Tell Sarah I said I would vouch for you unconditionally.


Brian is correct. Good memory. Seems I recall you are from Indiana. We live near Scottsburg, in the country.

Not posting elsewhere. Not sure what I’m supposed to click on to request permission. I’m posting from my phone. Thanks so much.

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