Across the sea

children draw rainbows

along the village street


where blackbirds watch

from a lilac tree, some sparrows

from the hedge. But here


in the  high desert,

it’s the weather. Constant showers

have spurred a rainbow

of grass ranging

from purple clover

to mint-green weeds. Gold


dandelions to a blue

spray of  flax. Over the field

hawks fly  looking

for lizard or snake


who’ve disappeared

with the dry dirt, its dust

turned to clay. And in the middle —

a ritual


as Joshua trees bend

like tribal women

to inspect the thread work

of  their Mother’s loom, to  inhale


the fertile scent

of earth.

5 replies on “Mid-April”

Dear Micheal and Sarah

Your kind words and thoughts regarding this poem are deeply appreciated!! And the desert in boom after heavy rains is breathtaking!

Again thank you both!
Take care,

My best


Hi Wendy! This is a beautiful set of images that speak to the heart, soul and mind! The closing metaphor is lovely, moving and effective!


Hi Brian

It’s so good to see you here, it’s also been a long time. Thank you so much for your kind and lovely response to my poem. I deeply appreciate your perspective and thoughtfulness!

Take care,


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