Today’s Marathon


Sun is rising
Golden and beautiful

Spring greens green are greening
Blue skies are bluing
I think of you

Birdsong is singing
Dogs are barking
I think of you

Buds are blooming
Breezes are breezing
I think of you

Rooster is crowing
A candle is glowing
I think of you

Fridge is humming
Grandfather clock is ticking
I think of you

Coffee is brewing
Heart beats its own drum
I think of you

Well-wishers wish
with those who hope
I think of you

Hope runs a marathon
Hope runs a marathon

Sun will be setting soon
Golden, golden and beautiful


  1. Jan,

    We have missed your perky upbeat style. It puts a smile in our hearts.
    How goes the e teaching?

    Stay safe!

    Beautiful photo..Is that a Rose of Sharon? It definitely does look like the sun.

    Liked by 1 person

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