Rebound Effect

When peak turns bust
do not despair;
regroup you must
rest and repair.
Coming back then
better than been,
to win again.

– – – – – – – –

This is another half-sonnet.

9 replies on “Rebound Effect”

Thank you Sarah. The poet who writes the half-sonnets as his favorite form had a new one about coming down after achieving a peak. This began as a reply/encouragement to his poem.

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Hi Michael

The message in this one really resonates! Indeed, we must “rest and repair” before returning or even healing. Succinct but echoes with impact. Thank you for sharing.

My Best,

Happy Easter!

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Thank you Wendy. That is one thing I like about forms such as this – you have to choose your words carefully, not just for rhyme but for impact. Back when I first started writing (we’re talking middle school here), I had the bad habit of using too many words to say too little. Form poetry has helped me overcome that tendency.

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