Breakfast and some news at the ‘Twin Kiss’ Diner


The booth was claustrophobic.

The sports section I held between us

was like a volleyball net,

your stares lofting over

like shots of fresh egg

I couldn’t spike.

When Alice came to take your order

and you looked at each other

for the first time, the silence

was as thick as the coffee.


Twins – identical,

if her hair had been curled

and she’d had some cleavage.

I can’t remember who

was first to speak, probably me,

but then you ordered.

One egg, one sausage –

one carb.

I felt I had to order two of something

just on principle.


You ripped my ‘Post’ to shreds

and smashed my reading glasses

before you stormed out of the diner.

I wasn’t sure if it was the five sugars

I snuck in your coffee

or my comment about

your hang-ups being cultural,

most likely it was my suggestion

we get together with the waitress

when she was done her shift.


I stood four-eyed in front

of the cash register

as Alice gave me six quarters

change for a dollar

for a USA Today,

winked, cracked her gum,

lightly dragged her forefinger

across her lower lip,

stuck out her studded tongue

and walked back into the kitchen.



  1. Hi Craig,

    Wow! That is quite a dinner, one with tension, character and some sharp wit. I really like the way you use language in this piece, the imagery is riveting and one can really feel the build-up of intensity and action. This keeps the reader engaged from start to finish. Thanks for sharing this, I certainly enjoyed reading it!

    My best,


  2. It sounds like the narrator ruined one relationship – or at least should have – and got mixed signals from Alice.


  3. Craig,

    You have fun with the written word!
    My mind is not as quick or as agile as yours,
    but you always mix the physical and the
    philosophical into a mastery of your craft.

    Five sugars? My goodness … that is way sweet.



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