A Time Like This

Mrs. L.’s Response About eLearning – Week 3 – April 2, 2020

Okay, it’s not March allergies. March is gone.Maybe early-April allergies? Nah, it’s not that either. I’m not outside these days with yellows of pollen. I’m inside planning intensively with a Chromebook. Something else is causing me to swallow hard, blink fast, and get all watery-eyed.

I’m a distance-learning 2nd grade teacher who now daily clicks at a Chromebook’s keyboard and scans a screen while trying to connect seventeen second graders and their helpmates, their parents, to meaningful material and ongoing lessons. This. Is. So. Different. As one child expressed in a recent text, “It’s so wired, Mrs. L.” (Yes, he meant “weird”…”wired”…I’ll take that…yet, it’s “wireless”.) Somehow we are doing this distance learning. We are still celebrating Education’s high-energy times with zest in reaching our goals. These are just new times in a time like this. We cheer from where we are, from home to home, our newly-defined workplaces. In these work hours away from the classroom, we’re adjusting to new strategies and methods, all new ways to learn.

So if it’s not allergies causing the teary-eyes right now, then what is it? It’s this….it’s the rising and stirring teacher love in my heart. It’s being my students’ biggest fan from here—whether from in a video, through a phone call, or in a quick, encouraging text message. We are holding our class together as we are apart. It’s a 2nd grade teacher watching her students pouring out their lil’ hearts in their 1-min FlipGrid response videos which we’ve just learned how to do. We learned how to do that while we were apart. These youngsters start their response videos like this, “Hey, Mrs. L. & Friends!” They also end with, “Bye, Mrs. L. & Friends! See you when we can get back together one day!” Some lil’ friends are now wearing hats in their videos like Wesley and I wear! We do like our hats! Yes, these are times of memory & impact. These are not allergies today. It’s classroom love for teaching and learning. It’s huge. It’s real. We’re all in it making it the best it can be under these unprecedented circumstances.



  1. Jan,

    You beautiful heart shines in this one. Those precious 2nd graders are indeed a lucky group.

    Always at home with a pen in your hand or sharing your thoughts via the keyboard, you have

    given us a gift today with this sharing. Thank you, and God Bless for what you doing.




  2. It is definitely a “wired” situation in which we find ourselves. Although there are some who insist on gathering, saying there is no replacement for personal contact, this is a crisis and it requires extraordinary measures while it lasts. It sounds like you and your students are coping magnificently. Keep up the good work, and God bless you.


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