This is more like what really happened.





A quick interrogation on the tube

and I’m in an olive drab room

with a stark Van Gogh type table


separating me from a moustache and goatee

in a South American military uniform

who wants to question the questions.


‘What’ is the most

diverse and controversial,

It has an all-encompassing grasp.


‘Where’ is usually more

specific, but can seem infinite

in scope as an unknown.


‘When’ requires an understanding

of time as a concept,

which we all pretend but few achieve.


The commandant wants to get back

to the original quiz – It’s 11PM –

Do you know where your children are?


Their location being the obvious

open-ended, the ‘where’ –

but the underlying, between-the-lines –


‘what’ constitutes my children

and ‘what’ difference is it

that it happens to be 11PM?


Actually, it’s 10PM.

Tony snaps me back

to bingeing the “Sopranos”


and realizing that ‘how’ and ‘why’

are probably more involved and will have to wait

until the next commercial.



  1. Craig,

    You have taught me a new word.
    You certainly put a spin on ‘what’
    and also on ‘questions’. Actually
    you taught me two words. In searching
    for one, I found another…worthy indeed!
    I have always said I’d like to spend a day
    in your head!



  2. If you are asking where your children are at any time, you’re probably a normal parent. If you are asking when your children are, you may be stuck in a science fiction story. If you are asking what your children are, you may be in the middle of a horror movie – or again just a normal parent.


  3. Hi Craig,

    This is definitely a clever and unique perspective regarding the meaning of the questions or the adverbs themselves. I like the way you loan the interrogation the background character of a “so called” military commander, especially from a South American country. It adds impact to the poem and its creative content. Thanks for sharing this piece of imaginative speculation. I really enjoyed reading it!

    My best,


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