Woven Heart

A weaver’s loom work must be deft.
His expertise shows as he gives
expression in the warp and weft
to create a fabric which lives.

From our Heavenly Father, too,
we can perceive the weaver’s art;
wielding the threads He shapes into
a warm and loving human heart.

His loving touch was evident
within the heart He gave to you.
During your life His love you sent
in everything you would do.

Your heart is in Heaven today,
but your life will not fade away.

– – – – – – – –

A large family we know just lost their mother to cancer. This poem is for her and them.

2 replies on “Woven Heart”

Thank you Sarah, but this is for another family who just lost their wife, mother, grandmother, and guiding light. Not that it couldn’t apply to my father, but that wasn’t my focus.


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