Half Sonnet

Cool It!

in conception,
in perception;
snow is falling,
Winter’s calling.
This cold grows old.

Warm Up!

Deaden Winter,
summon Summer;
the mind fights through,
can find anew
along the way
a strong warm ray.
We praise Spring days.

– – – – – – – –

The Half Sonnet is a form I ran across on another website. The form is seven lines of four syllables each. The rhyme scheme is ababccdd, with that last pair coming from an internal rhyme in the final line. There is also supposed to be a twist in the ending.

So the first poem is my take on the Half Sonnet. Then, because I couldn’t leave well enough alone, the second poem is a twist on the poem form, adding pairs of internal rhymes to make the rhyme scheme ababcdcdefefgg, thus mimicking the rhyme scheme of a traditional English Sonnet.


  1. Very nice, BF, and well done! These are great! I enjoyed them both and how you paired them. You’re only the second poet I’ve seen try the ha’sonnet form outside the RhymeZone site where it was invented since I started my site. Your rhyme for both is great – I like the internal rhyme in the second. Of the rules for a ha’sonnet rhyme is actually an option because the inventors were more free form poets. I just find it easier with the a b a b c c dd pattern. My attempts without tend to be so-so at best. Bravo!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. A happy ending, that praise of Spring.
    My complaint about forms is that the message
    is frequently subjugated to fit the pattern. That
    is not so in the case of these two examples. You
    have kept the energy and the message.

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