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My Text Today

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Hi Mark

What an interesting and contemplative sermon on the difference regarding faith, belief and salvation. Keeping that in mind, I like the way you write ” your text today”. With the passing of one of Alabama’s legendary preachers, his followers and others who listened or encountered him, are left to ruminate on his legacy and significance.

In this poem, I like the way you say he ” went off humbly with a whisper”. It underlines an irony of how greatness succumbs to mortality, of how how the preacher , who echoed his thoughts and faith so loudly and widely, passed quietly, giving his soul willingly to God.

And as the narrator further observes —

“for those with eyes to see
and those to hear
that is our gaunlet”

I think there is a point of truth to that observation. Those who can transcend dogma and become aware of the human soul and the condition human soul, can perhaps see beyond he differences of perspective and faith and find unity in God’s mercy and pathway for salvation. But the struggle, the punishing gauntlet, becomes accepting free will and breaking free from guilt and the dictates of an orthodox conscience.

Anyway, that is what I took from the sermon and your very finely — crafted poem. And I also think “meeting over at Cecil”s on this side of the river” where someone has fortified themselves with the protective barrier of traditionall beliefs, may show a tolerance for those who cannot see beyond their own mental fort. Meeting them there is a starting point even if it is feared they may never be ready for change or bridging the differences.

Thanks for sharing!
My Best


This is a fine poem and tribute to one of God’s emissaries on earth. We should expect that such a person would depart this life humbly and peacefully, knowing Heaven was waiting.


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