A Bushman’s Love

Bronze faced from long days in the sun
he gave a loving smile
and gently bent to lift the one
he’d watched walk down the aisle.
Though anniversaries had passed
her dream he’d kept in mind
and now her hut was built at last,
she’d leave tent life behind.

He told her when he bought the land
the fences would come first
and how she tried to lend a hand
though how at times she cursed.
It took them years to raise the stock
to let their numbers grow
and drought and floods both hit their block,
each time a savage blow.

It’s loyal love from day to day
that touched the bushman’s heart,
though fancy words were not his way
his love would play its part
He worked beneath the sun above
with bare hands it would seem,
then finally the bushman’s love
had brought about her dream.

Through all those years she had no fear
as she had read his heart.
Each adze mark said, “I love you dear,
she knew that from the start.
On cold nights now she feels at ease
and thanks her God above.
She knows each wall has memories
of her dear bushman’s love.

My first visit to the Australian Stockman’s Hall of fame at Longreach provided the inspiration for the writing of this verse. The old pioneer hut which one can walk through and listen to the voice of one of our early pioneering women telling her joy in being able to show off her very first home, tugged at the old heartstrings. It was on my mind for such a long time and finally I was able to tell it the way I saw it.

From the Book Laughter and Tears from the Bush.

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  1. Hi Merve,

    Beautifully told with lyricism and a depth of feeling we can all relate to . This is quite the perfect story of a true and enduring relationship. What an inspiration! thanks so much for sharing this one. It was indeed a lovely read!!

    My Best,


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