Grammar Running Riot

Full-Moon-maddened verbs are wildly howling,
normally docile nouns are breaking free,
crazed adjectives modify everything,
and prim adverbs are behaving loosely.

Pronouns fight, infinitives are splitting,
and the poor tenses are getting confused.
A helpless participle is dangling
while I am sitting here watching, bemused.

I know all these words might be dangerous
if they joined up with others of their kind.
I could be looking quite ridiculous
if rampaging words took over my mind.

I can see me, quietly, in a chair
in some nursing home on a future day
with nurses tsk-ing at my vacant stare.
“Poor guy, abusive words made him this way.”

6 replies on “Grammar Running Riot”

G’day and thank you. To quote one song from a number of years back “Words are like weapons, they wound sometimes.”


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