Quiet Now

Blooms of tomorrow
abide in winter’s cold soil
no hint what will be
when season turns to season
and nature turns a new leaf

2 replies on “Quiet Now”

Hi Michael

Beautiful picture and poem. I like the way you phrase the anticipation of what will be and the uncertainty that still hold promise. You capture the nature of life with that of the human condition. Below the chill or respite of our own body rhythms, there is the expectation of how we will react and encounter what fate brings with each new season. Our own emotions yet to be expressed are tomorrow’s bloom and will rise in shadow or light.

Lovely work!

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Thank you Wendy. I had in mind the way seeds are blown by the wind, and distributed by birds. When a seedling sprouts in a place where before there was only grass, sometimes you have to wait to see what it will become.


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