1. In Opera, if I click on AMP, then click go to the bottom and click on leave a comment, it kicks me out of AMP back to the regular page. The comments already made do not show in AMP.

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    • Don’t click on AMP, post as you normally do.
      Remember not to use the block editor.
      If you see something new , please contact me before clicking on it. Every feature has effects and side-effects. Thanks.


  2. By the way, where/how do you add a photograph so that it does not appear with the post? I’ve seen a few posts like that, but have not been able to duplicate it. Curiously, while the photograph does not appear in Opera, it did appear when I clicked on AMP.

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  3. To add a photo that shows only on the front page, click on Featured Image and add it there.

    Please do not click on anything except the normal posting method. What you click on can
    affect other people, but even worse it might make me work harder…that is serious. : )

    No matter what buttons, bells or whistles may appear to entice, think of the apple and the asp
    and just say “no’ (but don’t click on yea or nay…we are hanging on to our way of life by a thread.)

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