Photography poetry


Watch us

scooting here,
there, and there.
Watch people
All searching
for stuff, stuff,  
and more stuff.

In oh-so-busy places—
grocery stores, libraries,
churches, schools,
houses, malls,


On high-traffic locations—
roads, streets,
sky ways,
train tracks,
oceans, too


Sometimes even
on a low-traffic spot—
nature’s pathway or trail


Through the most-updated—
TVs, laptops,
PCs, watches,
FitBits, phones


Knock, knock.
Hello? Hello.
Anybody home?


Watch us.
If we’re scooting like this,
we can hardly hear it,
the faint knock, the whispered hello.

Again we’ll redirect, retrack, reset
because we’re still, yet, not still,
with our oh-so-busy selves

determinedly, wholeheartedly
attentive to and focused on



5 replies on “Searching”

“The faint knock, the whispered hello” become more and more important as years pass, friends pass, and nothing we thought we wanted lasts. Wonderful that a small bloom catches and slows down attention. I like this one.

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The faint knocks and quiet hellos which come unbidden are often far more important than all the things we can find on our own. A good reminder of the necessity to pause and listen.

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Greetings, Sarah, on a Sunday,
RE: Quiet Time

It’s the only way I can get, as author Barbara Kingsolver puts it in her book of essays (Small Wonder), in my “writerly trance”. 🙂

I need the solitude, not distracting noise all around.
I also get quietly involved with nature photography, too. Those times with solitude fuel my muse to move forward.



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