Now Is Not Forever

From time to time I feel the drain
of gloomy thoughts inside my brain.
Reminders of what I cannot do,
conspiring, try to make me blue.

There is a bright spot in my life
which rescues me when I feel strife;
though the world has taken a toll
Lord Jesus Christ has saved my soul.

While many are the things I can’t do,
there are yet more which I can too.
You may hear flat notes in my song
but I’m never silent for long.

– – – – – – – –

I have been a quadriplegic since the end of June 2015. I routinely meet people who expect me to be sad or depressed. One time, when I was in the hospital for a physical ailment, they sent the resident psychologist to evaluate me. She began to talk about giving me a “mood stabilizer” and I cut her off quickly. I told her I did not need a “happy pill”. She bristled at that, but I knew if one medicine didn’t put me in the mood they wanted, they would turn around and give me a different one. I don’t need that, my mood stabilizer is my faith in Jesus Christ.

6 replies on “Now Is Not Forever”

One would think the psychologist would be happy
that you prefer to rely on your faith, rather than rely on drugs.

Good for you that stood up for yourself
re a decision about your own health care,

The strength of your faith comes through strongly in this write.
take care,

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Thank you Kerri. I told her that I write poetry and stories, and emotions are my stock-in-trade. When I have a thought or a feeling I want to know it comes out of my mind and not out of a pill.


Hi Michael

This is amazing! I deeply admire your sense of resolve and faith. Writing is a powerful release, in my modest opinion, an extension of our soul. It helps us to feel alive and imaginative; and when we are imaginative, we thrive.

Thank you for sharing,
my best

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Thank you Wendy. I have always tended to write about something upbeat when I’m feeling at all down, rather than write about feeling down; as I put it “I write myself out of my moods rather than in them.”


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