Leaving The City With Magritte

leaving the city with magritte

Clouds wash our minds in wandering

but around us, we shape the dark

uncertainty of where. 


The question becomes the outline

of a keyhole through which we perceive

ourselves walking toward mountains brown

as the otter’s fur. The exhaled leaves of Autumn

beneath our feet. We breathe in the musk

of  foreign woods,  while old sensations fall

off our fingertips  The blue moan

of jazz on a fire escape, the finial stillness

of doves, the jackhammer staccatoing

concrete into pieces of something

torn up, fed up,  the street  we’ve lived on  too long.


And though New Yorkers,

The Belgian would own this,  painting you

in a bowler hat, and me  gowned in long hair

looking through this aperture

at the apparitions we have become

dreaming ourselves into lake

and cabin people. And to further the mystery

he might add a wooden duck;

while in the sky’s corner, the moon shaped

like a clay pipe. The drift around it

neither smoke nor  mist —  simply breath.


6 replies on “Leaving The City With Magritte”

Beautiful and surreal.
This takes me on a journey of the mind.

“old sensations fall off our fingertips”

Brings to mind the way Rene Magritte
may have wanted the observer of his paintings
to look at and experience things in a new and different way.

Much enjoyed.
take care,


Hi Michael

Thanks so much for reading and commenting on this poem. I deeply appreciate your perspective. And Yes, there is a sense of melancholly in the speaker’s voice, a weariness of city life and the every day grind , perhaps. Magritte offers a look into another world. Yes surreal but one that offers a dreamscape, a meditative moment.

again thanks!!

My Best


Hi Kerri

Thanks so much for sharing you impressions about this poem! I think you nailed it. This is reflective of Magritte’s theme and allows us to explore where his ideas can take our own mind. So good hearing from you1

Again thank you!

My Best



You have captured the essence of Magritte with the imagery
and even more importantly, you have captured the reader.
You have also created a sense of the surreal. and then the close…
“neither smoke nor mist — simply breath.” so fine!!



Hi Sarah

Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Your lovely and encouraging thoughts are always deeply cherished. You keep confident in my writing. That means alot to me.

Please take care
My best always


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