Rainbow In The desert


At the death of the year,

she lingers in the sky’s doorway

guarding the threshold  between shadow and light

water and dust.


I have not seen her for months, maybe seasons

and  restlessness

hovers  in the skeletal eaves

scavenging for a  prayer.


She  knows  this and arches

her slender back, the handle  of  a pitcher

still being poured.






    • Hi Merv,

      I think all of us are looking for that, “pot of gold” but realize is is elusive. Thanks so much for stop by to read my stuff, I sincerely appreciate it! I also pray with all the wild fires down by you, that you and your family will remain safe and that they will subside soon — which I realize is a big “if”. But still, I send all of you my prayers and best wishes for a climate recovery.

      My best


  1. A rainbow is a beautiful sight anytime it appears. This poem paints the scene well; I especially like the comparison to the handle of a pitcher pouring out its contents.


  2. Hi Michael,

    Rainbows in the desert happen here several times a year; and each time they do, it is miraculous gift from God! A beautiful thing to behold. I am also glad to hear that imagery , in the last lines, work. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts/impressions. I really appreciate them!

    My best


  3. Thanks so much Sarah

    I deeply appreciate you taking the time to read my work and comment. Your kind words are deeply appreciated!

    Take care
    my best


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