Mellow me
bluish sky,
branches still,
evening’s sigh,
houses’ low lights,
lawns, sidewalks,
and streets quiet.

There is no need
for noise nor stirring
as Twilight whispers,
“And to all a good night.”



    • When I see your name I feel the closeness of sisters. It’s so good to see you at the Pub today. Possibly could there be a gold nugget left for WordPress readers, possibly a Ptc poem, Patricia? The reading world needs you.



  1. I love the quiet night when everything is so still that a bird’s chirp breaking the silence startles you. Hard to come by those living in town, but it does still sometimes happen.

    Hello Ptc, I hope you come back to post as well as to read.

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  2. Hi Jan

    So beautifully done!! I can feel the ‘quiet in this scene and its sense of a sacred solitude. The photo is also a lovely complement to the poem. This is such a special time of day. You have captured it with lyrical magic!

    thanks for this!

    Liked by 1 person

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