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Slow Hum

I have the slow hum of Sunday,
not the fast drum of holiday
playing and replaying in my mind.

This slow hum gives a sign
that everything is okay,
just as okay should be.

Even on no holiday
there’s a simple
in the heartbeat
of fleeting time.



5 replies on “Slow Hum”

Hello, friend Kerri,

When skimming through a few oldies, I ran across this one from 2008. Must’ve been simpler times in that season. You tagged a favorite part for me, too. It’s nice to see you & read your response. Take care in 2020. Got a Kerri poem for us? Yeah? 🙂



When you can get it, a slower paced day is a blessing – well worth the celebration in your poem. I liked the same line as Kerri did (hello, Kerri good to see you here again).

I’m glad I checked before going to the posting screen; I don’t like to post too soon after another poet because it seems like many viewers only look at the very latest poem. I will wait until tomorrow, unless of course Kerri posts a poem.

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Thanks for reading & replying, Michael. I have today off, and with this free day, I have some leisure Pub time. The slower-paced days can be inspiring. Take care.


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