A Natural Alchemy




our eyes have opened wider, and all our senses

have somehow heightened

                                           Roger Deakin


A lizard clings to a leaf and the dark green

of his body becomes the green

of foliage. His limbs and tail its veins. And lying there,

he absorbs the morning sun

and the voice of a desert woman

singing over him. Breath and light

blend into something new, a totem

of inspiration as she turns her song

into a hymn of gratitude for knowing

that being must translate into being

all that surrounds and supports her. The pulse

of  earth still felt — when the wind is hushed

among the trees and the water calms letting her perceive

much more than her own reflection.




  1. I hope you don’t tire of me saying you have a way with words, but it’s true. I wonder what visions appear in those still waters?

    Some years ago, I read the parody of “The Lord of the Rings” by Harvard Lampoon. In it, one of the characters looked into a scrying pool and saw a series of events which never happened, ending with the Titanic sailing majestically into New York Harbor. I can’t help thinking about that anytime I read of someone peering into still waters. Sorry about that.


  2. Hi Michael

    I never mind that “I am good with words”. It helps to feel confident in writing — of which I often lose because of doubt and other things. However, I am glad you liked the poem and different phrases or images in any poem can strike a flashback, an idea or whatever. It’s always interesting to note what each individual experiences from that Thanks for sharing your yours. I certainly appreciate it.

    My best


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