The Lady Winter

lady winter3

She comes into the city

quiet and cold, enters an old house

wearing a weave of shadows.

Her neckline and sleeves trimmed

with beads of ice. Her pale hair vaporous.


Birds rustle in the rafters

seeking  asylum  from the wind,

the bare chill of branch and street.

She hears the uneasiness

in their movement, remembering

how fear hovers and echoes

in the half light. Uncertainty

that  crafts its  own curfew

shutting everyone inside

the darkness of  his or her

imagination, the deafening bell

of a heart that does not  mute.


She looks out the window,

her contours and those of the city

outlined in gray, the shade of ash

used by providence

to define her presence, to sign

her name. Yet , her face  is lit

in a glass pane by the moon.

A translucent blush

belonging more to a votive flame.


  1. Wendy,

    The poem is delectable, especially the reference to the moon.

    Please check out the two featured messages at the beginning of the posted
    pictures on the front page. I use the paint program to resize my photos
    before I load them to WordPress but you can also resize them after they are

    I am on my way out and won’t be back until late, but if you have problems, email
    me and I will try to help you tomorrow. Many thanks,…Happy New Year to you and



  2. Hi Sarah

    I am having a lot of problems with my browser, I can’t even get the old edit feature up to remove and resize this photo. Please just remove it. And I will work within paint, in the meant time to reduce the image. Don’t know why this edit feature, the old one, is not working.

    Thanks so much


    • Well, I got the old editor up and was able to remove the picture. Will work on re-sizing before putting up that one or another pic. Thanks so much for letting me know. I had thought this one was below 500 x 500 because the free 0n-line editor I was using said something like 430 x 550 or something. But iobviously, it is not the most reliable resource for editing jpegs. So I will return to ms paint.

      again thanks~
      take care


  3. I did see the image yesterday before it was taken down, but I was closing down for the day and did not stop to comment. The image is a fine match with your poem.


  4. Wendy,

    You always give us the best of poetry and art. You are vey much appreciated.
    I am sorry I was slow to get back to this. Hectic times in this neck of the woods.

    Your command of language takes this poem into the realm of perfection. the birds
    in the rafters “seeking asylum from the wind”…It paints a picture with sound effects.

    …and this:
    “A translucent blush

    belonging more to a votive flame.”

    such as this gives your poems eternal life!

    Many thanks to you,


    Please resize the picture to 500 X 500

    It is 230 X 2something….

    Put 500 in the pixel designation and it will be 500.


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