What was perceived most

were the chains –

then the shadows on the wall –

the world as we know it

dancing in front of the fire,

perceived as reality,

but always neutered, still.


The thing-in-itself,

defined, nurtured, aroused

– but not justified –

made whole by friction with

its next-to neighbor-

it’s the rubbed-by part accounts,

and the touch-to never came.


Fuzz waterfalls cascade

Vitreous between eyes-sight

and other-worldly,

heavy humidity scents a searching skin,

schizophrenic wrists probe, stay busy,

titillating the mind into its only vacuum,

as the chains fall to the nether world


  1. Hi Craig

    As always, you present us with some very fine poetry and things to contemplate. I like the undertones of Plato in this piece and feel the human condition is always chained to some kind of illusion and struggle. Thanks so much for sharing!

    much enjoyed,


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