Vitriol Season

I can’t help noticing of late;
topics which call for calm debate
instead bring participation
in the Art of Irritation.

In a time for truth and reason,
we’ve entered vitriol season.
Prod the opponent to attack,
point and giggle “He blew his stack!”

When first reaction’s “How dare you”;
hold off a day or maybe two.
Feelings may be a little changed,
and might come out as less deranged.

We should ignore our vanity
to reach for greater sanity.


  1. Thank you Sarah. I wanted the photo to be nonspecific, because I didn’t want my readers to think I was writing about one specific group or one specific issue.


  2. Hi Michael

    Great pic and very true advice in those last two lines. We need to get back to respect and civil debate. This season is one of vitriol and too much self-proclamation. Thanks for sharing@

    My best

    Liked by 1 person

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