1. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Dear Craig,

    I was thinking about those precious girls this morning.

    and it came to me that your Christmas was sure to
    be merry and bright with their smiling faces to light
    your day.

    Here’s hoping your New Year is filled with blessings
    (and lots of poetry, of course!).


  2. Merry Christmas Sarah

    Wishing You, Bella and your family a joyous and blessed Christmas. And may God give you peace, joy and contentment in the New Year. Thinking of you here in Southern California. It’s cold and clear and feels abit wintry.

    take care

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    • Dear Wendy,

      Thank you! Merry Christmas to you and Jim and Samantha. It is a joy to think of you and yours today…Sunny and warm here (48 degrees).. The reindeer tracked up the lawn and sled dug in with no snow to glide over. Other than that, the day is perfect in every way.



  3. Merry Christmas, my dear friend Sarah Zang. Happy New Year, too. 2020…a year for perfect vision. Seeing clearly. Catering to more kindness & all that. Yep. Welcome, 2020. May we see 20/20. Christmastime this year has been cozy with family members under our roof again. 🙂 One child is still here, & it’s great! Our weather has been a bit odd lately with cool, warm, & cold temps battling for leadership roles. Today, two days after Christmas Day, it reached 70 degrees. I saw a crawling bee & a Sulfur (bright yellow) butterfly! 70 degrees was their invitation to check things out I guess. Spending time outdoors, especially on my front porch, was a must on my list of To Dos today. Take care. Know that I appreciate your friendship, one which has colored many years beautifully. Thank you, Sarah, for being a friend.


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    • Hiya Jan,

      Perfect vision…yes! Here’s to 20/20 and 2020 and to you and to beautiful yellow butterflies. 70 degrees…good gravy, that is the perfect temp for me…for all year round, with lots of autumn and maybe a week of the other seasons…the winter week being Christmas, of course. I’m thinking of
      your tea shrubs…remembering a poem you wrote about that wonderful scent as enjoyed from your front porch. I believe there was a bee in that
      scene too…peaceful and lovely!

      I am amazed that your toddlers are all grown and all with degrees. You can be proud, my friend. You have earned that right! I count our many years of friendship as a blessing. May the blessings of this season last the whole year through and for all the years to come. My best to you and your loved ones.

      Looking forward to lots of Jan poetry.

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    • Kerri,

      I count you among my blessings and joys. I know how busy life can be; still I’m hoping that 2020 will bring us more of your good company and more of your fine poetry. It never grows old. Hugs and Happy New Year!



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