trnIf you post a photo on this particular site and it is not square or near square,  please crop or resize it to fit our
front page design..  I have worked for two days restoring our front page.  Pictures that
are already posted have been resized or the design has adapted to them…no need to change what is already there.

There were two problems…

There had become an excessive number of pictures that were not sized correctly.  Ideally
they should be 500 X 500 pixels. It does not have to be exact but as  close to that as possible.  The picture must be square or as close as possible.  If, when you see your picture on the front page, it does not appear approximately the same size as the other pictures, please resize it or replace it, or put it on a square background that is 500 X 500, then post it. (for example…”Trim and Tidy” that appears at the top of this post is actually
250 by 420 but I put it on a white square that was 500 X 500 and it fits with the front
page sizing, yet still retains its original shape and size.)

In addition, someone made a post using the new block editor. It made a mess of everything, including two days of my time.  Please do not use the new block editor
on this site for posting or for editing.

Many thanks

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