In the Winter twilight, God draws a picture

of a thrush. Some may think a cloud

but I tell you — it’s a bird

with charcoal wings and  salmon breast, there

in his stillness to invoke

a song of soft wind.

.across the field and mountains.


A promise, a purpose

I have yet to grasp

as the moon shows her maiden face

through fir trees that shade

a shallow stream — where one may ask

for  fresh water or something deeper

than its desert well.


Note —  This was written from an actual sighting of a cloud that resembled that type of bird. At dusk a  cloud became this beautiful avian shape with a charcoal and salmon colored plumage.  I did not have time to snap a picture of it so I substituted the one in the above post.  I live in the high desert of Southern Cal. so it’s important to note, we do have pine/fir trees, mountains in the distant and yes rivers and natural streams here and there. 





  1. You certainly found an awesome image to serve as a stand-in for that which you actually saw. Even so, your description overshadows it. First-class writing, Wendy.


  2. Thanks so much Michael. The natural image in the sky was awesome and left me “Awestruck”. This poem sort of wrote itself, the first line came tome and the rest followed. I am so glad you enjoyed this. And yes, that photo I found on the net is beautiful and spiritually powerful!!

    My best,


  3. Hi Parker

    So glad you liked this poem! I really appreciate your response. And I agree, God does in his mercy, wisdom and compassion paint pictures for us. They may be subtle, but they are there and at times, they stand out.

    Again, thank you!


  4. Wendy,

    The whole poem sets up the close:

    “a shallow stream — where one may ask

    for fresh water or something deeper

    than its desert well.”

    From beginning to end, I am captivated.
    Beautiful words put together beautifully.

    Thank you!



  5. Hi Sarah

    I thank you so much for this beautiful commentary on this poem!! Your thoughtfulness is deeply appreciated and hopefully all of us will be blessed more with those moments in nature God directs and inspires!

    Take care
    My best always,


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