Nocturne Falling Into Light

Insomnia is almost an oasis

 in which those who have to think or suffer darkly

 take refuge.

                                                   Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette


Listening to the long moan

of a  morning train

the hour  dark, some vine leaves wet

against  our window pane,

I feel the damp scent

of  distant woods, your  shirt

absorbing the scent of pine.


and the moon fully alert

as I feign sleep and recline

next to you

sensing all of your dreams

that journey through

my mind as well.

They ride the early rail,

linked scenes moving

slow in shadow, spare detail.


My form bends to your bone–

sculptured grace.

You have suffered loss

but comfort leaves this space

for me to draw you close

whether you rest or rise.


The train song airs, your past

travels on with those skies

of night and paling dawn.

Here, my presence will remain

like water that softens stone,

eroding a  man’s deep-felt  pain.



3 replies on “Nocturne Falling Into Light”

The uppermost thought this brings to mind is the Biblical phrase “and they two shall become one flesh.” This is the embodiment of a truly symbiotic relationship of a husband and wife. It is an entwining of lives above and beyond what too many think of as love.



Nothing stirs longings like the mention of a train passing
in the early morning light.

You endow everything you create with the very essence of the being you show us.

“like water that softens stone,


The contrast creates energy, as does the water.
You never disappoint.

Thank you!



Dear Michael and Sarah

Thank you both so much for commenting on this poem. I deeply appreciate the kind words and attention you have brought to this piece.!

Take care
my best


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