Haiku for Christmas

Angels in the sky
terrified shepherds below
sheep calmly grazing

Mary’s newborn babe
God in Heaven come to Earth
changing the whole world

wise men following
a star toward Bethlehem
acknowledge a king

lights twinkle Christmas
in the sky upon the trees
heralds to the season

elves load up the sleigh
harness the reindeer check straps
enter Santa Claus

blanket of new snow
eager children run outside
look for reindeer tracks

Christmas is a time
for peace family and love
set cares strife aside

if Christmas feeling
could last all throughout the year
would be wonderful

on this holy night
concentrate on the reason
let love guide your thoughts

heavenly display
nature keeping harmony
Earth and Heaven one

2 replies on “Haiku for Christmas”

Thank you Sarah. Since there is so much emphasis on Santa Claus and presents this time of year, I decided to put my emphasis on the real reason for the season this time.


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