Snow Fall In The Desert On Thanksgiving


( Palmdale, California )

In the sky’s corner

where the grey light is most

intense, snowflakes burst into view, a fluttering of moths

in the cold haze, earth’s gift of mercy

after the flames.


On the bush, a few roses linger

and green palms are like brooms

covered with  dust, unable to sweep

away an awareness —  that we are part

of these drifting souls. Moments that have lived

and given us the grace


to handle joy & pain. The waiting for & wondering  if

the next day will be our last

or another  first. The wind in the field sung soft

like a woman’s voice that calls us forth, shepherds us

toward change.


The high desert and other areas of Southern California, even Northern, have been ravaged by disastrous fires this season; and yet the holiday brought a rare and beautiful snowfall to this area.  It took us all by surprise but it is a blessing. It will definitely help to dampen the region and lessen the flames.  The picture is actually one, taken by my husband, of our backyard. Our marble angel is covered in snow which drapes her like a white mantle of hope.





  1. That is a lovely photograph. The poem paints a lovely image of its own, conveying your emotions and the release of tension coming with the respite from the threat of fire.

    We had high winds on Wednesday and rain on Thanksgiving day. The snow was north of us.


  2. Wendy,

    This one steals my breath away and fills my eyes with a thousand rainbows.

    Every stanza is a gem. Separating any part of this poem from the rest is a
    desecration and yet I can not help but want to feel the joy of running my cursor
    over these lines again:
    “The wind in the field sung soft

    like a woman’s voice that calls us forth, shepherds us

    toward change”

    The ever changing desert can be cruel or kind at moment’s notice.
    It is like a grand summary of life.

    Awesome work, my friend.



  3. Hi Michael

    Thanks so much for commenting on this poem! I am glad the picture and verse resonate. Most of the snow has melted now but for its duration , it was a welcome sight, a way of ushering in the Winter season and forthcoming holiday with a magical authenticity~

    again, thank you!


    • Hi Sarah

      Your kind words are so touching! Thank you for reading my poem; and I love that phrase of yours, ” fills my eyes with a thousand rainbows”. Because on Black Friday, Jim and I were out driving on the snow-melting roads and actually saw a rainbow arcing over a field of Joshua Trees dusted with snow. It was a beautiful sight and a gift.

      again,many thanks


  4. Hi Wendy.

    Enjoyed the imagery, the spiritual feel to this piece,
    and the idea that the snowflakes
    are the earth’s gift of mercy after the flames.

    Wonderful last lines.

    My best as always,


    • Dear Kerri

      It’s always so good hearing from you!! I am glad you enjoyed the poem and thank you so much for sharing your insight and thoughts on my work. They very much appreciated.

      Hope all is well, my friend, with you and yours.
      Take care
      My best always,


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