A Canopy of Gold

A reverence covers
Thanksgiving season,
a quiet time often
defined by swells of silence.
Then silence resounds
gratitude’s greatness as
mere expressions whisper,
“Thank you. For you
I am eternally grateful.”

The soul, amazed these days,
pauses while viewing autumn’s
gemstone-hued landscapes,
ones rarely browsed once.

With each falling leaf
in this canopy of gold
the soul knows and understands
compassion’s gains and losses—
gain of green, then loss of green,
replaced by a mix of mosaic design.

In this season we reflect the
landscapes of our hearts
while grappling with gratitude.
Grapple? Yes because we learn
how to give it and receive it.

Each connection, a glance,
a look, hug, laugh, smile,
story and song shared,
becomes paramount.
Late November displays the gold.
Attentive hearts reflect the wealth
and are blessed by it all. Ah, this gold
tagged and snagged in late November.
What are we to do with such heart stuff?

See it. Appreciate it. Share it.
Get it? Give it. Get it.
Gratitude’s fullness,
the season’s whole.
Gratitude. Gratitude is gold.




  1. A gentle poem, written with care, and pointing out the important things now only this time of year but always.

    I am grateful for being welcomed back to The Peaceful Pub and for the support of fellow poets and visitors.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “See it. Appreciate it”


    Yes! Thank you for sharing the beauty, the mood;.
    It is a beautiful time of year. Your poem and your
    photograph fit so well with this season of bounty
    and gratitude.


  3. Hi Jan

    I agree with Sarah, both the photo and message of the poem are beautifully paired to underscore the meaning of this holiday and season. The voice in this piece speaks soft but strong with an intensity that makes us feel the power of gratitude and the will of nature to help enlighten us. God’s work is always evident in each season and this one , in particular, flames with his glory and beauty.

    Thanks for sharing
    my best
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. A wonderful piece full of thought and reflection
    and perfect for this time of year
    when we appreciate all of the aspects of this experience called life.

    Take care,


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